What People Are Saying About THE VEIL:


“This was the book I have been looking for all this summer.”

-Emelie Sanders, The Pioneer Woman Blog (to read the full review, click HERE)


“I was given the privilege of reading an advance copy of The Veil and let me tell you, it was awesome!  It may be written for the teen crowd, but it kept me turning the pages until the very end.  It has all the makings of a big screen movie.  It’s adventurous, mysterious and down right thrilling – I LOVED it!!”

-Sandie Lee, Imagination-Cafe Blog (to read the full review, click HERE)


“I also give it two thumbs up for creativity. If I had more thumbs, I’d give it several more!” . . . “I found the book to be very hard to put down. When I’d get to the end of a chapter, I just had to keep reading to find out what happens next. I am positive that this book will be one I read more than once!”

-Danetta Young, Go YAY Blog (to read the full review, click HERE)


5 of 5 Stars: “I don’t want to say this is the next (insert your favorite book here), because The Veil is unique and stands on its own merit. Laughter, Shock, Love, Loyalty, and Suspense are sprinkled throughout this book in a way that will make it hard for you stop reading.”

-Sarah Evans of Sarah’s Books & Life Blog (to read the full review, click HERE)


5 of 5 Stars: “This was a refreshingly original and beautiful urban fantasy / paranormal romance. I read it in less than a day because the words flowed so well and I honestly couldn’t put it down!”

-Rhiannon Pailee, author of The Flame of Surrender (to read full review, click HERE)


“I absolutely recommend this book for you, or for a teen that you know who likes this sort of urban fantasy (urban/realistic setting) books.  Pick it up and check it out for yourself!”

-Farrah Ritter of Outnumbered 3 to 1 (to read full review, click HERE)


“It is alluring with the hint of the magical ‘Annorasi’ world.”

-Tiffany Christie (and Orion), Tiff’s Pixie Dust (to read the full review, click HERE)


‎”From the beginning I found myself enjoying it. The Veil captures super powers, parallel universes and romance.”

-Julee Morrison, Mommy’s Memorandum (to read the full review, click HERE)


“The Veil is quite an intriguing book that promotes sacrificial love for friends and tackles difficult questions regarding identity and prejudice. ”

-Amber Stokes, The Borrowed Book (to read the full review, click HERE)


“Ms. Oakes writing is special in that it grabs the reader right away. I loved how well she wrote her story with such passion and fullness. I knew that this is one story that I like right away and was not disappointed!”

-Savannah Valdez, Books With Bite (to read the full review, click HERE)


“It’s a must-read for young adults (and for any adults who love YA lit)!! The book is a great mixture of magic, the supernatural, and science fiction fantasy coupled with normal teen issues, real life scenarios, and teen romance. Cory captures it all with THE VEIL!”

-Erin Al-Mahairi: Oh, For The Hook Of A Book! (to read the full review, click HERE)


“Morgan is 13 and in 8th grade . . . Morgan absolutely loved this book! She said the story line was very interesting and super creative! . . . She didn’t want to tell me much more because she said she didn’t want to ruin it for those that want to read it, including me.”

-Brandy (and Morgan), Not So Average Mama Blog (to read the full review, click HERE)


“The author has also done a good job at developing characters and a story line that is well developed and compelling. You have the opportunity to be drawn into the story itself and you find yourself rooting for the main character and hoping that everything in the end will turn out the way you think it should.”

-Dad of Divas’ Blog (to read the full review, click HERE)


“This will be a great young adult read. I can see where they will accept this new world very quickly.” 4 out of 5 Stars.

-Crazed Mind Blog(to read the full review, click HERE)


5 of 5 Stars: “This is the first book in a series that, I’m sure, will impress many.”

-Mayra Limeira

(to read the original review in Portuguese, click HERE. To read the English translation on Goodreads, click HERE)


“[N]o third parties (love triangles), no immortality or anything trending in YA, just two teenagers who are falling in love in the middle of extraordinary circumstances. The Veil is the story of a girl finding her way into the world she didn’t know she was part of and the boy who will do everything to protect her.”

-Michelle Flores, Windowpane Memoirs (to read the full review, click HERE)


“I was very thrilled with how much I enjoyed this book and the Annorasi world that Cory Putman Oakes created! I’m unsure if there is another installment but I am crossing my fingers that there is!”

-“Em” of Sash and Em (to read the full review, click HERE)


“Oakes manages to use a near perfect recipe. So, if you’re on the hunt for a unique YA fantasy, snuggle up and read The Veil, I’m sure you’ll enjoy.”

-Kellie of Simply Stacie (to read the full review, click HERE)


Recommended for “[t]weens and teens looking for a successor to the Twilight series.”

-Austin Parentwise Magazine (to read the full review, click (HERE)


‎”What a refreshing read. I love paranormal books, but after a while things can start sounding the same. The Veil was quirky, original and just what I needed . . .”

-Lisa of The Garden of Books (to read the full review, click HERE)


“I highly recommend this book for the teenage and young adult readers. I would actually recommend it to adult readers as well. It will give you suspense and magic and will most definitely cause you to delve deep into your imagination.”

-Joyce Oscar of Book Pleasures (to read the full review, click HERE)


‎”In all, The Veil is both a fun read and a well-wrought work from a talented new author.”

-Laura Davis of Examiner.com (to read the full review, click HERE)


“Fans of Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones and older fans of the Harry Potter series will rejoice in discovering the world of The Veil, complete with its shapeshifters, secrets, and ancient rules which should never be broken, but as in all good stories, are. Highly recommended.”

-P.J. Hoover, author of Solstice (to read the full review, click HERE)


“I LOVED YOUR BOOK!!!!! Will you make more of them? I think you totally should! Even though I’m only in 5th grade, I read teen and high school level and age books. It was an amazing book, and like I said, you should make it a series. Loved it,”

        -Erika Schmitz, age 10

“The Veil is a tragedy, a romance, a contemporary, and a fantasy rolled into one. The Veil is a fun, humorous and engrossing read. I highly recommend this to YA fantasy and paranormal romance readers!”

-Precious, Fragments of Life (to read the full review, click HERE)


“”The Veil” is a fine work of contemporary fantasy, much recommended.”

-Susan Bethany of Midwest Book Review

(December 2011 issue of Reviewer’s Bookwatch) (to read the full review, click HERE)


“I have a new boyfriend on my list… Lucas Stratton. He is so…dreamy *sigh*. The eyes, the hair…it’s all so perfect! He is that protective bad ass…epic win…GO AND READ THIS NOW !!! So Amazing you won’t regret it!”

-Ishita, The Reading Fish (to read the full review, click HERE)


“I haven’t looked forward to reading a book this much since Harry Potter. I’d definitely recommend The Veil!”

-Zuhaib Khan, Footsteps to a Bestseller (to read the full article, click HERE)


“I like to meet female characters who have a backbone, and Addy certainly does! She is brave and sincere and her internal dialogue is amusing and honest, with just enough snarky comments to be funny without being obnoxious. The characters are intriguing, and there is enough mystery and suspense to keep a reader hooked. I highly recommend this for readers of young adult fiction who want a light and enjoyable read.”

-Vered E., Readers Favorite (to read the full review, click HERE)


“I couldn’t put it down. (No, really, I kept trying to sneak it out at my desk at work.)”

-Jessica Lee, A Midsummer Night’s Read (to read the full review, click HERE)


“The Veil is an AWESOME debut and I enjoyed reading such a unique story that had no hint of vampire, werewolf, or anything of the sort. Don’t get me wrong those are my favorite stories but every now and again its refreshing to find something new that interests me and tickles my fancy.”

            -Jennifer J., Gimme The Scoop Reviews (to read the full review, click HERE)


“What really makes a story for me, besides the world building is the characters. I found the characters highly likeable and interesting.”

            -Krista, Cubicle Blindness Reviews (to read the full review, click HERE)


“I highly suggest reading it [THE VEIL], whether you are 13 or 45.”

-Karine, SAHM of Drama Queens (to read the full review, click HERE)