What’s Real: Places

THE VEIL takes place in and around two main locations. The first is San Francisco California and the second is Novato, a small town around 30 minutes north of San Francisco (where I grew up).  I was recently back in the Bay Area for a wedding, so I took the opportunity to get a few shots of the “real life” places that inspired the story, and which I reference in the book.

(Before I go on, I feel the need to point out that I am by no means a gifted photographer. My expertise with a camera extends only to knowing, more or less, when to use the flash and when not to. But at least these pictures will give you some idea of what these places look like in person!)


This is “downtown Novato” – I took this shot straight down Grant Avenue, where “Sully’s Café” is located in THE VEIL. “Sully’s” is based on an actual café which is no longer there, but which really did make the best cream cheese morning buns of all time. My Mom and I still talk about them!





This is just to prove that I really was on “Grant Avenue.”








This is the Novato Town Hall. No, seriously, it is! Isn’t it cute?










Also in Novato – Stafford Lake Park (where Addy and Luc go in Chapter Six of THE VEIL)







Here is a picture of Addy and Luc’s bench at Stafford Lake. It’s kind of hard to tell at this angle, but that big mound coming out of the lake right in front of the bench is actually the island where Addy sees the . . . well, maybe I shouldn’t tell you exactly what she sees. Just in case you haven’t read the book yet!





If you drive about 30 minutes south from Novato on Highway 101, turn right just before you get to the Golden Bridge, and go up a very windy road (the one that freaks Addy out – with good reason) all the way to the top of a mountain, you will get to the Headlands and you will see this view. I wanted to get a picture of it at night, which is how Addy and Luc saw it, but that will have to wait until my next trip back home.





Here’s me, sitting on Addy and Luc’s bunker up at the Headlands. (You actually have to walk through a tunnel in order to get to the bunker – I didn’t put that in the book because it made that chapter too long. But if you go there and you’re looking for the bunker, follow the first tunnel on your right and you’ll get there).





This is Jest Jewels on Union Street, which is not, strictly speaking, an actual location in THE VEIL. But I do talk about it an awful lot, because it’s such a cool store. (Actually, one of the Deleted Scenes that didn’t make it into the final version of the book takes place at Jest Jewels – you can read it HERE)








Ahhh, the Palace of Fine Arts. A very pretty place to walk around if you are ever in San Francisco.







Here’s a close-up of the rotunda, where the action at the end of THE VEIL takes place.







The underside of the rotunda’s roof is extremely cool, but it’s very hard to capture the whole thing in a photograph, even if you are crouched down on the ground when you take your picture (which I was, while I was taking this!). This shot gives you some idea of what it looks like.






Here is one of the several figures that look down on you from the rotunda’s roof.










The Fairmont Hotel. Some day I would love to get a picture from the roof, so you can see what Addy sees when she – (oh, there I go again with the spoilers!).







And last but certainly not least, here is an EARTHQUAKE – the sundae that Addy, Nate and Olivia order at Ghirardelli Square on Addy’s birthday. I recently ordered one myself (for research purposes, of course) and you can see a photo-journey of my eating adventure HERE on my blog.