The Launch Party for DINOSAUR BOY took place on February 6, 2015 at the Writing Barn in Austin, Texas! It was a fun night, full of dinosaurs, candy, trivia, and getting in touch with your own personal brand of “weirdness.” Here are some photos!

Arrivals on the “Green Carpet”

IMG_6668 IMG_6656 IMG_6655 IMG_6670 IMG_6589 IMG_6697 IMG_6685 IMG_6602 IMG_6689 IMG_2294 IMG_6651 IMG_6657 IMG_6669 IMG_6671 IMG_6678 IMG_6746

Party Food from Hecho en Mexico (molé, of course!), Sylvie’s Candy Bar, and dino decorations!




I did a little presentation to introduce the book, a short reading, and then some dinosaur trivia with prizes!




Then I signed a lot of books!

IMG_6628 IMG_6626 IMG_6625

I even signed the wall! (A tradition at the Writing Barn)

IMG_6616 IMG_6615

More Party Pics!

IMG_6624 IMG_6629 IMG_6698 IMG_6699 IMG_6659 IMG_6633 IMG_6620 IMG_6611 IMG_6672 IMG_6700

There were some fantastic entries into the BOOK OF WEIRD (more on that to come!)


I’m so grateful to everyone who came out and made the evening so special – I’m particularly thankful to Bethany Hegedus and the Writing Barn for having us, and to Danny Woodfill from the Book Spot for selling books. Also to this crew right here: my nearest and dearest – I could not have done it (any of it!) without you guys!



It was a very special evening for me, with so many memories and great moments. But I have to say that my favorite moment of the night was catching this handsome young gentleman with his nose in my book. It’s the kind of stuff we Kid Lit authors live for!


Thank you to everyone who came out to support Dinosaur Boy! I love and appreciate you all more than I could ever tell you. Thanks for giving my dino-baby a terrific send-off into the world!