The Montgomery County Book Festival!

Posted February 04, 2013

I am back home safe from the Montgomery County Book Festival! It was wonderful spending a weekend with forty other authors, lovely librarians, industrious conference organizers, and the oodles of readers who showed up to hang out with us.

Special thanks go to Tabatha Perry and Natasha Benway, the forces of nature who somehow managed to wrangle us all together, and the army of volunteers who made the weekend so special. Extra special thanks to Jessica, Michelle and Megan in the Teen Zone who set aside the cool Doctor Who craft stuff for me and still deigned to talk to me after my true feelings about Captain America came to light (thank you, Krissi Dallas!) Hats off to you guys!

Here are some pictures!


Roadtrip! Austin to Houston with Marianne Mancusi, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Greg Leitich Smith,

Bethany Hegedus and E. Kristin Anderson



One of my fave Austin peeps,  Nikki Loftin, got to Houston ahead of us to do some school visits


At the Author’s Dinner, with Victoria Scott and Cynthia Leitich Smith


Victoria Scott and I hung out with uber-librarians Michelle Greer and Jessica Russell

(These are the gals who saved the Doctor Who stuff for me! WOOT!)


Maria Cari Soto was there, and as usual, she had the best shoes!!


I met Jonathan Maberry! He was extremely cool. Unfortunately, my picture of him giving the keynote address the following morning didn’t turn out. But you’ll just have to trust me that it was one of those excellent, inspiring speeches about writing that I wish I could have heard when I was a teenager!


The always fabulous Krissi Dallas!



Book guuuuurls!


Deeanne Gist, our lovely hostess for the evening (in her post-party slippers!)


The next morning, it was all business. Here is Jen Bigheart and her panel (Joy Preble, Mary Lindsey, Victoria Scott, Kendare Blake, and Lisa McMann) planning world domination . . .



Which meant that my panel and I had no choice but to plan world domination as well!

Here we are: Wendy Delsol, Janni Lee Simner, Krissi Dallas, and moderator Ledia Runnels.



Jo Whittemore, ladies and gentlemen! I HEART her :-)



We had some time to kill before world domination, so Krissi Dallas, Lindsay Cummings and I found the Lone Star Mascot!

Sadly, earlier in the day, someone had stolen his unicorn horn (or so theorized Nikki Loftin).



Megan and Michelle, goddesses of the Teen Zone!



Lunch! With David Gill, Bethany Hegedus, Jo Whittemore, E.Kristin Anderson, Mari Mancui and Krissi Dallas.



After lunch, the zombies invaded! I always thought they feasted on human flesh, but apparently these zombies preferred books . . .

(Thank you to Houston Zombie Walk for allowing me to post this photo. PS, you guys are totally awesome!)



Jonathan Maberry: Zombie Slayer.











I ordered these cool VEIL-themed pins to give away at the festival and people seemed to like them! Here is Cynthia Leitich Smith modeling the “I CAN SEE SONYA” pin on her author badge!



Then, it was finally time for panels! I was very excited to be a part of the REALITY IS GREAT BUT I WOULDN’T WANT TO LIVE THERE Panel with Krissi Dallas, Janni Lee Simner, and Wendy Delsol. (Props to our wonderful moderator, Ledia Runnels, whose lovely elbow is in the far righthand corner of this picture. Sorry, Ledia! I wasn’t taking the picture!)



A Cutie-Patootie, who sat in the front row and wore both of the VEIL pins!



After the panels, we had signing time. I got to sit with Tracy Deebs! She’s about 5,000 kinds of awesome :-)



Weird things I signed that day: tee-shirts (while people were wearing them) a pizza-box, and this girl’s arm!



Larry, the extremely talented husband of Janni Lee Simner, made these cool origami creatures for me and Jo Whittemore. So, of course, later that evening we made them joust with Twizzlers. Unfortunately, our video of this extraordinary event (complete with musical score) “exceeded the available download capacity” of this blog. So you’ll just have to go searching for it on my FB page if you want to see it!

(PS – Check out Larry’s website!)

That’s a wrap! Next up for me: the 2013 Austin SCBWI Conference on Saturday, Feb 9!

Lots of love!




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