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YAY! I’m so psyched that I finally get to share this with everybody! Do you have ANY idea how hard it has been to keep something THIS AWESOME to myself?!!

The official cover reveal happened today over on KidsReads (and I did an exclusive guest post for them about what kind of dinosaurs I modeled the bad guys after!), but I thought I would talk a little more here about the cover and how it came to be.

First of all, who are these kids? Well, the kid in the front (the one with the dinosaur parts) is Sawyer Bronson, the main character. The “dinosaur boy,” if you will. The guy with the basketball is Elliot, Sawyer’s best friend since kindergarten. The kid in the hoodie is Sylvie, the new girl, who befriends Sawyer and Elliot. Why is she hiding underneath a hoodie? Well, Sylvie has a secret. No spoilers. But it’s a pretty cool secret :-)

Covers can be kind of scary for authors. Since they are a) mostly out of our control and b) really really important. They set the tone for the book and can make the difference between someone picking it up off the shelf and just passing it by.

Sourcebooks was kind enough to ask me for some cover ideas. I was really hoping to get all three of the main characters on there, in some way, shape, or form. My editor agreed and asked me to send her detailed character descriptions for Sawyer, Elliot, and Sylvie. After that, Sourcebooks hired a phenomenal artist by the name of Marek Jagucki and through some magical collaboration between them, the above cover was created.

I’m absolutely floored by the level of detail here. The salad! The tennis balls! A number of things that will probably mean more to you once you’ve read the book! And I think the colors are cool too. I couldn’t ask for anything more awesome and I am totally excited to share it around!

Anyway, thank you Sourcebooks and Marek for making DINOSAUR BOY look so cool! Maybe I’m a teensy bit biased by the fact that it’s on the cover of something I wrote, but I feel like one lucky author :-)

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