My Raw Vegan Adventure: Day 6 (A Raw Vegan Date Night)

Posted August 10, 2013

The Hubs was psyched to find out we would be having Date Night at a raw vegan restaurant!

Well, ok, not really. But being the magnificent man that I married, he was game to give it a shot. With the caveat that he could go through a drive-thru on the way home, if he needed to.

But before Date Night, I had a whole day of Being Raw Vegan.

This morning’s smoothie was The Best Freaking Chocolate Milkshake Ever (from This Rawesome Vegan Life):



One portion for me, one for the munchkin. In order to stave off yesterday’s spaciness, I added a scoop of raw protein powder. It was really good! Although the munchkin objected to the tiny pieces of date floating in hers.

Today was my first weekend day as a raw vegan, which meant I had to figure out a way to keep up the diet while keeping the rest of the family fed and entertained. It was not quite as hard as I had anticipated. We took the kiddos to Panera in the morning, and the smells were tempting, but I had just had my chocolate milkshake so I had no problem just ordering coffee (see My Raw Vegan Adventure: Day 0 for why I refuse to give up coffee).

We had lunch at Central Market. I hit the salad bar while the Hubs and the munchkin ordered at the cafe (the baby had his own food). Here’s the yummy salad I made:


The Hubs, perhaps in anticipatory retaliation to tonight’s Date Night, had this:


I’m pretty proud of myself for resisting the gooey, COOKED deliciousness. But it’s Day 6 and I am so close!

When Date Night finally arrived, I took the Hubs to Beets Living Foods Cafe in downtown Austin. Beets is a fully raw, sit-down restaurant with table service.



We both ordered Goji Lemonades to start.


We had the hummus appetizer which was in an entirely different class than the hummus I tried to make earlier in the week. It was delicious! (The Hubs thought so too!)



For my entree, I ordered the Taco Plate. The corn tacos were awesomely crispy (after a week of no crispy things!) and the veggie “meat” was nicely seasoned. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole plate.


The Hubs ordered the Pizza Rustica (with a Caesar salad on the side). It didn’t exactly resemble the pizza he had at lunch, but he was a very good sport and ate it.


Here’s the proof!IMG_1368

I had a bite and although I definitely liked the tacos better, I thought the pizza had a nice sauce.

For dessert, we snagged the very last piece of chocolate “cheezcake” in the dairy case and let me just say, there’s a reason why there was only one piece left. YUM.



After dinner, we had a glass of wine at a nearby hotel. Now, wine is a bit controversial in raw vegan circles. But from what I’ve read, I am satisfied that most red wine is almost certainly raw vegan. Sugar is a part of the wine-making process, but most of the sugar in wine appears to come from the grapes themselves. Wine-makers sometimes add sugar in order to adjust the alcohol content, but there is no way to tell if there has been sugar added to a particular bottle because there are no labeling requirements for additional sugar in the US. But sugar is rarely added to red wine, and then only in cooler regions (where it takes grapes longer to ripen), so I made sure to order a Napa Valley cabernet. (For a good discussion of sugar in wine, check out this article).

Thus endeth Date Night, as well as Day 6 of my experiment. One day to go! Will I make it? Or will I cave on the last day? Find out tomorrow!

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