My Raw Vegan Adventure: Day 2 (Best Dessert Ever + Battle Coconut)

Posted August 06, 2013

Today, I’m starting with dessert first because, well, it was awesome.

I give you the Lavender & Lemon “Cheesecake” from This Rawesome Vegan Life:


When I originally read this recipe, I assumed the blogger was exaggerating when she said that “angels might start singing” when you taste it. But she wasn’t. Sing they did. This was an absolutely mind-blowing cake.

And to make sure it wasn’t just me, and that my brain hadn’t already lapsed into some weird, protein-craving hunger state that was causing me to hallucinate amazing flavors, I asked my friend Kim for a second opinion. She is neither raw or vegan, and I knew she would tell me straight.

Here’s what she said:

“Oh my! It is so good! It reminded me of a spa dessert; delicious & satisfying but you don’t feel overstuffed afterwards.”

So you see, it’s not just me!

I should mention that this cake is not, strictly speaking, healthy for you. The crust is made from crushed walnuts, almonds, and dates. The filling is mostly ground up cashews, sweetened with agave nectar and coconut oil and flavored with lemon juice and ground-up lavender.

(Actually, the lavender was why I originally chose to make this recipe. Because it gave me a chance to finally use my newly acquired mortar and pestle):

IMG_1186Anyhow, being composed of nearly five cups of nuts, this cake is not low fat or low calorie. But believe me when I say that after tasting it, I could not care less about that.

But going back to the beginning of the day: breakfast this morning was a Green Ocean of Life Smoothie from This Rawesome Vegan Life.




IMG_1196Since it’s Day 2, I went a little bit more extreme than yesterday. This one has a lemon, an orange, kale, a banana, half of a cucumber, and a little bit of ginger.

I have to admit, it was a little bit harder to get down than yesterday’s blueberry smoothie. I had to kind of down it all at once, rather than sip it over the course of the morning. But afterwards, I felt really good! Very energized and full, but not stuffed. And seriously healthy.

I figured that the green color, although lovely, would be just the thing to scare my daughter away, but nope! She loved it. I have created a smoothie monster.

My morning snack was some orange cranberry granola from Hail Merry. It was the perfect mid-morning pickup. Nice flavor.




Lunch was Carrot Pasta With Creamy Cashew Sauce and Avocado.


I learned my lesson on the raw garlic yesterday, so I omitted it from this recipe. And it was delicious! It tasted just like pad thai. The sauce (a mixture of cashew butter, miso, tamari, nutritional yeast and hemp seeds) is definitely a recipe I will keep around, even when I start eating regular noodles again.

I had lunch so late in the day that I decided to skip my afternoon snack and go right on to dinner: Hemp Heaven Stuffed Peppers from RAWESOMELY VEGAN:


I was pleasantly surprised to find that hempseed has a texture very similar to quinoa. Along with the hempseed, these peppers are also stuffed with a mixture of pecans, red onion, lime juice, jalapeño, taco seasoning and salt. I thought they were very good, although I’ll admit to spending a little bit of time imagining that they were covered with melted cheese . . .

Mhmmmm, cheese . . .

But I digress. My other raw vegan task today was making my own raw yogurt, which I’ll need for a recipe later in the week. I chose to attempt the Creamy Coconut Yogurt (from RAWESOMELY VEGAN) because it sounded delicious and had only three ingredients.

I neglected to realize that one of the ingredients was raw coconut.

Here’s what the coconut looked like when I started:



Here’s what it looked like twenty minutes, two stab wounds (well, two for me – the coconut had more), a lot of swearing and one really scary knife-flying-across-the-kitchen incident later:


I took a break to regroup, at which point I realized that going forward with this coconut (not to mention the SECOND one that was lurking in the fridge), was:

a) very likely to result in serious injury; and

b) was not making me feel healthy, closer to nature, or spiritually enlightened in any way.

And furthermore, there is no way that my main character would put up with such nonsense. There had to be an easier way.

Then I remembered that I had a bag of shredded coconut in the pantry, meant for a recipe later in the week. And since shredded coconut presumably started out as coconut meat at some point, I figured I would give it a shot. So I dumped it in the blender with the coconut water.





A few minutes later, I had a creamy substance much like what was described in the recipe book. I stirred in the probiotic powder, covered the bowl with cheese cloth, left it out on the counter at room temperature as instructed, and hoped for the best.

8 hours later, this is what I had:



I’m not really sure how to tell if it worked or not. The recipe book said only that it was supposed to taste “tangy.” Which it does. Well, tangy-ish. I guess we’ll see what happens later in the week when I use it in a recipe. The important thing is that Battle Coconut is over, with no permanent injuries and I think it’s safe to say that I won, by figuring out a way to avoid having to massacre the stupid thing any further. I didn’t even touch coconut #2. Too bad I can’t release it back into the wild . . .

Check back with me tomorrow for Day 3 where I explore the single greatest injustice in raw vegan cuisine: the fact that canned chick peas are not considered a raw food.

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  1. Feather Stone

    August 7, 2013 at 9:51 am


    How in the world do you fit all those raw vegan groceries in your pantry along with your regular groceries from the ‘lower world.’ You mentioned in your first post that it would be too expensive to continue this diet past your trial period. It sounds like you might continue with some of the recipes. They always sound so delicious. And, it appears you feel energizes and nutritionally satisfied.

    • CPO

      August 7, 2013 at 2:54 pm


      Yes, space is a bit of a problem in my kitchen right now! A lot of it has spilled out onto the counter. Fully-committed raw vegans could probably put an extra fridge in the space where their oven is supposed to go :-)

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