Mama Juarez’s Molé Sauce

Molé is a traditional Mexican sauce. In DINOSAUR BOY, Sawyer encounters it for the first time at Mama Juarez’s Cucina. It has quite an effect on him.

The following recipe for molé is one of my favorites. It’s pretty straight-forward and takes around 40 minutes to make. If you’d like a more traditional (and much more labor intensive) recipe, try this one from Fonda San Miguel.

Warning: Mama makes her molé spicy! For a milder version, omit the chipotle peppers and substitute marinara sauce for the red chile sauce. If you want to go even hotter, double the chipotles!



To Make the Sauce:


photo 3

When the sauce is finished, it will look like this. Enjoy it on enchiladas, chile rellenos, or even salad greens (the way Sawyer does). Sometimes, I double the chocolate and just eat it with a spoon!