NUTRI NUGGETS (Cocoa Flavored)



“There was a box of these on the counter,” my grandfather said, tossing me something wrapped in plastic.

The package was small, no larger than my palm. But it was surprisingly heavy in my hand. I turned it over so I could see the label.

“Nutri Nugget,” I read. “One-third of your daily nutritional needs. Cocoa flavored.”

“They’re all the rage here,” my grandfather informed me.

Inside the package was a soft, brown, vaguely rectangular object that looked disturbingly like—

“A turd,” Venetio said through a mouthful of eggs. Swallowing, he nodded confidently to himself. “That’s what they look like. Turds. Taste like ’em too.”

I set the unopened nugget on the table in front of me.

“Maybe I’ll try the eggs.”


Contrary to what Venetio says, your Nutri Nuggets will not taste like turds as long as you make them like this:



1 cup rolled oats

2 cups Cocoa Puffs*, divided

½ cup seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, whatever you’ve got) or nuts (again, whatever you’ve got, as long as you’re not allergic)

¼ cup cocoa powder (unsweetened)

¼ cup sugar

¼ cup soy nut, sun nut, or peanut butter

2 TB butter

6 cups miniature marshmallows




* Cocoa Krispies also work in this recipe, but my taste-testers preferred the ones made with Cocoa Puffs