Dinosaur Boy Saves Mars

By Cory Putman Oakes


Book #2 in the DINOSAUR BOY series!

In DINOSAUR BOY SAVES MARS (the sequel to DINOSAUR BOY) Sawyer and his two best friends are on a rescue mission to Mars when they encounter bullying on a galactic scale: Mars is trying to kick Pluto out of the solar system!

While searching for Sylvie’s missing father, Sawyer, Elliot, and Sylvie find themselves in the middle of an intergalactic mess. Apparently, solar system squabbles are solved by soccer games! The upcoming Mars vs. Pluto soccer match will decide the fate of both planets—but the trio of Earthlings discover that there’s a secret plot to sabotage the game, one that puts the whole galaxy in danger. It’s up to Sawyer to save the day . . . in a way that only a part-stegosaurus (with a taste for Tex Mex) can.

Kirkus Reviews calls DINOSAUR BOY SAVES MARS “[d]eft stimulus for both brains and funny bones!”

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