Whether you are in a formal book club, just reading the book with a couple of friends, or looking to enhance your own, individual, reading experience, this page is for you!

There are some major spoilers contained in the questions, so you might not want to read them until after you have finished the book.

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A Note From Cory:

I am so honored you have chosen my book, THE VEIL, to read and discuss. I have been in Book Clubs for years, and I know it can sometimes be a little bit hard to jump-start a good discussion, so I have prepared the following to help you out. Please be warned—there are some SPOILERS contained in the questions, so you might want to finish the book before you look at them. Enjoy! And thanks for reading my book! ~ CPO

THE VEIL “Ice Breaker” Game: Love ‘Em, Hate ‘Em, Want to Date ‘Em?

Write the following names on slips of paper and have everybody choose one: Addy, Luc, Nate, Olivia, Gran, Emily, Renard, Damon Mallory, and Oran Tighe. Take 5 minutes for everybody to prepare a short “introduction” for his or her character—for example: “My character is Lucas Stratton. He’s 19 years old with chocolate brown hair, beautiful green eyes, and he’s insanely good-looking. He’s an Annorasi who can fly and disappear at will. He is Addy’s love interest.” After each character is introduced, the rest of the club members vote (by a show of hands) on whether they “Love ‘Em” or “Hate ‘Em” or “Want to Date ‘Em.”

To make the game competitive: Same as above, except everyone gets only three votes (1 “Love ‘Em”!; 1 “Hate ‘Em”; and 1 “Want To Date ‘Em”). When you present your character, aim to win all of the votes in one category (i.e., if you want your character to win all of the “Love ‘Em” votes, focus your description on how lovable they are, and so on). Have everyone present their characters and do one big vote at the end to see who wins in each category.

Questions For Discussion:

  1. Many of the characters in THE VEIL have “defining moments”—for Addy, it was the discovery of her Annorasi identity. For Luc, it was falling in love with a human (er, part-human). For Nate, it was the acceptance of his sexuality. Would you say that there has been a “defining moment” in your own life that profoundly changed you in some way?
  2. Luc is most definitely Addy’s first love—but it remains to be seen whether he will be her ultimate love. Who was your first love? Did he/she turn out to be your ultimate love, or is it too soon to tell?
  3. When THE VEIL begins, Addy and Nate have been life-long best friends. A lot happens to them over the course of the story that tests this friendship—do you think that ultimately their relationship was strengthened or weakened by all that they went through together?
  4. Addy and Emily have a complicated relationship in THE VEIL. Do you have a “frenemy”? Were you always “frenemies” with this person or, like Addy and Emily, did you once have a real friendship that took a wrong turn? (My apologies if your frenemy is sitting across the room from you in Book Club right now . . . awkward! ~ CPO)
  5. In Chapter 7, Addy frets over her inability to remember anything about her life before the age of 6. What is your earliest memory?
  6. The Annorasi characters in THE VEIL all have abilities that set them apart from the humans—flying, invisibility, cooking, causing pain, etc. If you could choose just one Annorasi ability to have, which one would you choose and why?
  7. In THE VEIL, Addy jumps off of a bridge to prove to Luc that she trusts him. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?

Drop me a note to let me know how the discussion went—I might repost your comments on my blog and give your Book Club a “Shout Out.” I love pics too! ~ CPO (cory@corypoakes.com)